Getting Ready for your next Marathon? Check out these guides.

New York City, Berlin, Chicago, Mexico City, Tokyo, London… you name it! See how to improve your times! Find the cheapest flight here!

1. Master Your Running Technique

You might be just like so many of us runners who feel that there’s something not quite right with how you’re running, or that your running technique contributes to frustrating running injuries.

This 12 Week Programme Includes:

  • Self Screening Protocol – We’ll help you discover your weak links.
  • Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Strength Exercises – Build strength in your glutes and posterior chain. 
  • Progressive Hip Mobility Routines – Poor hip mobility can be inhibiting your glutes. We’ll fix that. 
  • Stability Exercises for all Levels – Develop hip stability and core control.
  • Running Technique Drills & Cues – Learn how to run using your glutes more effectively.

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2. How to Start Running

“IMPORTANT: If You’ve Always Wanted To Start Running But Don’t Know How Or Where To Begin, I Have The Solution For You…

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After Reading This Short Report, You’ll Discover How to Quickly Become a Confident and Enthusiastic Runner in Just 6 Weeks From Now – Guaranteed…Even if You’ve Never Done Any Running Before!

Read On Now and You’ll Also Find Out How to Avoid the Most Common Running Mistakes Virtually All New Runners Make So That You Enjoy Your Training, Get Fitter, Stronger and Lose Weight Fast…”

Are you looking for a beginners running schedule to help you get started, or have you already downloaded a FREE, ‘one size fits all’ running schedule from one of the popular running or charity websites? If you have, I guarantee you probably won’t keep up running for more than a few weeks!

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3. The 100-day Marathon Plan

If you want to run faster Marathon times, you just have to train harder, right? … WRONG!

Find a faster, safer, and far easier way:

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Dear Fellow Runner,

You’re taking on the ultimate challenge, the marathon, and that takes a strong level of ambition and desire to compete against others… and yourself.

You train for weeks and weeks — many times by yourself — just to get ready for race day.

After spending so much time and effort, it’s only natural to want to do your best.

Your goal may be as simple as wanting to run faster than a friend. Or perhaps it’s to set a new personal best for the marathon.

That’s why you worry about picking the “right program”. The problem is, there’s so many programs that seem incomplete. Or they aren’t a good fit for your skills or abilities.

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Imagine being able to open up the brains of a top marathon training coach… or a 2 time Olympic runner…

Imagine you could pull out every single proven tip, tactic, and technique for slashing your training and race times to the bone. We’re talking about turning ordinary runners into very good marathoners in a relatively short time.

You are about to grab a major competitive edge.

The type of edge that can slash minutes off your best race times. The type of edge that can transform an ordinary runner into a very good marathoner. Best of all, it’s the type of edge that 99.9% of all runners will never discover or even have access to.

Learn how…

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4. Athletic Quickness / Run Faster

Dramatically Improve Speed AND OUTPERFORM IN EVERY SPORT

Revolutionary New Exercises Focus 100% on Speed Gains and Make You Dramatically Faster in Days!

If You Want to Take Your Game to New Levels of Greatness You will need More Speed – and Lots Of It!

Let’s face it, flat out speed makes a huge difference in a game or any competition. You’ve seen it before – games are won and lost because of some player’s speed. Even athletic careers will be affected by how fast you are.

There is no substitute for blazing speed to ignite your team, turn your game around, make the big play when it counts, or just have a great time.

That’s why coaches and scouts are looking at a players speed first when looking for athletes with the most potential.

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5. Enhancing Performance in Sports and Life

Since 2000, this site has been educating people about sports psychology, helping them improve their mental toughness, and enabling them to get some 1-on-1 mental training to enhance their performance. Dr. Robert Neff for many years was the only person in the Dallas Metroplex providing mental training for elite athletes. There has always been a very large and growing need for these services. In 2019, Mental Training, Inc. was incorporated, and in 2007 it began adding more Mental Trainers®. By the way, we don’t employ psychiatrists (people who can prescribe drugs for mental illnesses) and we don’t treat clinical disorders like schizophrenia or OCD. We work with everyone and help them to become exceptional.

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Our corporate website went online in May, 2008. Click the link below to learn more about our services and mental training team.

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