Mine Cryptos from a Laptop while traveling around the world

Become a Nomad Crypto Miner and make 6 figures while traveling the world traveling only with your Laptop. Or, can you make 7?

Nowadays, there are many ways to become a Digital Nomad. How about mining cryptos from a Laptop from anywhere?

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Here you will find some of the coolest ideas to mine cryptocurrencies with a Laptop from anywhere in the world.

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There are many traveling jobs you can turn into profitable lifestyles. If you really want to become a Digital Nomad and your passion is mining cryptos, this is absolute great news.

Here are a few coins that you can use your laptop to mine:


A preferred coin for privacy, ZCash is not only famous for its anonymous nature. However, the fact that developers use a specific algorithm that makes mass mining using ASICs and other advanced hardware difficulty makes it the number one choice for mining with laptops.

You can download the ZCash blockchain from here and create your wallet. A word of advice though: ZCash relies on our GPU, so your laptop will need to have a strong graphics card.


The second largest crypto in the world. Ethereum’s mining is very competitive but at the same time, it is still profitable to mine it with a laptop if you have a good GPU. The mining can be made more viable if you join a mining pool. With all participants sharing their resources (and the reward). You can get the mining software from their official website.


Starting as a joke, Dogecoin is now a serious altcoin and is a favourite of not only miners, but Elon Musk too. The coin is minable using your laptop CPU or GPU, though the graphics card is advised as it is more efficient. There are different mining software for both methods and you will need to use the Dogecoin mining instructions to get started on your nomadic mining journey.

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