Exotic Microbreweries and Craft Beer Around the World

We’re living exciting times for beer; every country on the planet has at least a few microbreweries crafting fantastic beer in all styles. There’s quality beer coming from the least expected places, making beer a never-ending quest for new interesting brews. See some Exotic Microbreweries you may fall in love with.

There’s no doubt the US and Europe have capitalized on beer, but you’ll be surprised to know they have real competition from lesser-known beer-producing countries. Here are three of our favorite exotic microbreweries and craft beer from around the world. See if you find some of these beers and join the global quest for the best beer!

Liberty Brewing, Auckland, New Zealand

Founded in 2009, this small brewery started in a garage and has now grown to become one of the most provocative microbreweries in New Zealand. Joseph and Christina Wood are behind this daring project. The beer is easily recognizable for the fantastic art imprinted on each can, but what you want is to try the beer. Their double IPA and their Jungle Hazy IPA have substantial fan bases.

Beer to try: Hoptical Illusion Double XPA, a pilsner malt with Simcoe, Sauvin, Mosaic and Columbus hops.

Minerva, Guadalajara, Mexico

Minerva is one of the better-known craft beers in Mexico, a country dominated by industrial lagers. The refreshing new craft beer scene in the country has given new meaning to Mexican beer, and Minerva spearheads the new generation of brewers. Founded in 2003, the microbrewery is known for its Vienna-style Kolsch amber beer.

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Beer to try: Colonial, a wheat and barley pale beer with a smooth, malty palate. Perfect for starchy foods and pasta.

Kawaba, Japan

Kawaba is one of the most exciting exotic microbreweries in Asia. The word Kawaba means ‘The Place of Rivers’, and that means the town of Kawaba is perfect for brewing beer; they use spring water for all the beers in the catalog. Here, it’s all about balance, which has made the all-natural beers an authentic take on Japanese mastery.

So, Kawaba is championing a new, flashy beer style, the Japanese IPA or JPA, but all their beers are fantastic. Your definitely have to try them all.

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Beer to try: Snow Weisen, creamy and citrusy. Ideal for Japanese seafood dishes.

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Casa Cervecera Pescadores, Puerto Morelos, México

Nothing more faithful for a proper name to be identified from its place of origin. That is why, at the time of thinking about it, we focused attention on feeling, watching and listening what was going on in this sublime place called Riviera Maya. We found out that one of the most important attractions was fishing and its commercialization.

In honor of this fact, we have decided to create the most perfect beer to share the special moment of the day, where fishing finishes but the refreshing time begins.

As a very interesting fact, “Pescadores” comes up for the ones who defy the sea at different times of the day, loosing track of time in the infinite ocean and, when fishing is over, they cool off with a good beer which honors their sacrifice.

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